Who we are.

Púpa dreams to bring forth simple innovative thoughts into reality. We hope our products will make our day-to-day lives better in the simplest of ways.


Púpa is a technology-design initiative by a small but sharp thinking group. We have and we are engineers, designers, business managers, web masters, along with some exceptionally funny people who keep our team fresh and agile. With training from world's leading institutes in our own areas of interests, It made sense to make the best out of meetings that happened by chance or coincidence.



What we do.

Púpa ( Pew-Pah as it is pronounced) is a symbol of beginning of metamorphosis. Content that holds great potential and is going to transform to something wonderful. Our first product is an all in one personal computer. It brings the performance and upgradability of desktop class machines and the convenience of an all in one design into a package with a handful of interesting features. Visit our product pages to get a glance of Púpa.



Company history.

Púpa as a company is a budding technology firm with the all in one personal computer Púpa as its first product. We have come a long way with support from friends and family to have our first product up and running. While currently we are focussing on our first product, we have some cool product ideas brewing in the pipeline. Please check back with us for updates.




As a prospectful tech firm, we are open to investors/ partnerships. We have patented our designs. We are very proud of our small but talented team and we hope to bring more ideas into reality in the coming days. If you wish to know more about us, Email us.



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