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Wide screen displays


20" wide screen format LCD display complements the all powerful graphics engine, with millions of colors.
Experience superior response, wide viewing angles, and enhanced contrast ratios spices up the treat. Visually.




Windows™ 7 OS


Experience the incredible ease of computing with Windows 7, world's most popular operating system from Microsoft®.






Intel® CORE™


At the heart of every púpa is an intel processor providing superior performance, smart multitasking, intelligent power management, richer, sharper images and videos, and more.





No more cables, Above See level


The Smart Stand and Harbour works together to give you a cleaner workspace devoid of any cables hanging from the body. Even the power cable. The result: reduced clutter, clean workspace.



Harbour. Access your ports here


The Smart Stand brings all the cables and connectors hence forth to the table level, where it opens up all the necessary ports right onto the table. We call it the Harbour. All ports in one place




Stand Smart


Púpa stands tall on a smart stand on your desktop workspace. It's deceivingly thin body holds within a chamber concealing all the cables off your way. There is literally no cable that hangs from the main body. None, thanks to the smart stand.




Life like images, rich colors, video and audio by the enhanced Intel HD Graphics engine. Its CVT™ (clear video technology) gives you eye popping brilliance to everything visual on screen





Púpa supports upto 8 GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 memory. Start small, think big, act fast, possibilities for choosing the right memory sizes are many. Find the right memory for your needs from our store


TerraByte Storage


For all your files, documents, movies, music, videos- edited and originals, bought or borrowed, work and personal, Púpa supports upto 2 Terrabytes of SATA hard disk capacity to support your digital life style. Optional SSD storage available.



Every Púpa comes with a Gigabit LAN port for high speed internet access. Dont need wires? 802.11n, Bluetooth™ 2.1 EDR too comes standard.




The Harbour houses all the ports. This includes four USB 2.0 ports, high speed ethernet, audio in and out, and a display extension port. It holds the AC power entry port as well.

Inbuilt Audio


Built-in pair of audio speakers deliver high quality audio right from within.




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